Services Offered

Services Offered

Individual Therapy

We offer individual therapy for adults, adolescents, and young children. A professional will work one on one with you or your loved one towards change, growth, and understanding and helping the individual manage concerns. This is done in a safe, confidential, and non-judgment environment, working with the individual towards positive goals. 

Couples Therapy

We offer couples therapy for partners who may need to work towards change. Relationships can be difficult and a professional can help to encourage better communication, trust, and skills to help with conflicts. 

Family Therapy

We help families increase trust, honesty, openness, and respect. We help to resolve any conflicts by developing goals to help move towards an improved functioning of the family overall. We also help to increase communication between the family members, which may include children, parents, and sometimes extended family members.


We offer psychological evaluations to help assess any personality patterns, behaviors, and symptoms. They may provide clarification on mental health diagnoses and help to develop treatment goals.

We off substance use assessments (also known as chemical use assessments or Rule 25) to assess if an individual's substance use is problematic. This assessment is also a way to obtain treatment (inpatient/outpatient), if necessary and is typically completed with any DWI/DUI charges.